Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is one of the greatest engineers and inventors that ever lived. His notebooks revealed a level of thinking that was revolutionary in that it went far beyond the level of technology that was available in his lifetime. Many of his ideas would only become reality that we take for granted today centuries later like flying:

IMAGE SOURCE: www.leonardodavinci.net

Leonardo da Vinci is also one of the greatest artists to ever have lived, which is evident in the masterpieces that have survived and been passed down to us like the Mona Lisa and others.

IMAGE SOURCE: www.leonardodavinci.net

IMAGE SOURCE: www.leonardodavinci.net

Leonardo da Vinci wasn't a great inventor and engineer in spite of being an artist, his greatness lies in the fact that he brought the same artistic creativity to the engineering problems that fascinated him.

IMAGE SOURCE: www.leonardodavinci.net

It could be that one of the reasons why few artists today are capable of the technical level of work that Leonardo da Vinci was able to produce lies in the lack of a rigorous technical training that was expected of artists in times gone by. It could also be that many of today's engineers who think that art and engineering have nothing to do with each other might find a rich resource of inspiration and ideas in the world of art.

It is a well known fact that the late Steve Jobs was a "drop in" on lectures on calligraphy and other artistic and creative courses at Standford University in California. One of the strongest selling points of the Apple products is simply that they looked so much better than his competitors. Jobs was a pioneer in using attractive proportional fonts and intuitive graphical user interfaces at a time when black computer screens and plain text was the order of the day.

Creative product design, good technical drawing skills and artistic flair are at the heart of invention. Invention is the driving force behind revolutionary new products, new businesses, and essential in the evolutionary survival of existing businesses. Creativity and artistic inspiration is at the core of invention.

With each passing day new waves of technology are replacing the old, and customers are becoming more demanding and discerning about how they spend their money and the products they buy.

At RobotScience we can teach your teenager how to sketch out a product, how to produce technical drawings of a design, how to work with leading CAD packages to produce an electronic drawing and how to bring that drawing into a CAM and machine control software to make prototypes of his or her inventions.

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