It is hardly a wonder that most teenagers don't enjoy maths, as disillusioned educators contine to teach in the old way which consists mostly of a failure to make any connection between mathematics and the way our exciting modern world functions.

The RobotScience project gives your teenager the opprtunity to create and learn how to program a desktop robot from complete novice level right through to taking their first steps into the world of machine learning and artificial inteligence.

Smart technology and artificial intelligence is all based on maths, and we have developed a training programme for your teenager that will introduce them to the world of machine learning in an exciting and engaging way.

Mathematical ability in our opinion is not something that stems from "natural talent" as many are misled to believe, but rather stems from an understading that mathematics is at the root of everything in life, and these skills can be acquired painlessly where there is a genuine interest on the part of a learner in solving a problem in the real world.

To find out more about how you can create a study group around your child please call Michael on 082 962 2772 today.

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